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Welcome to Arnold Stölzel GmbH

The team of Arnold Stölzel GmbH Wiesbaden is pleased about your visit.

We are one of the leading trading companies in the musical instrument industry in Germany. Our suppliers and customer relations are mainly spread over Europe, overseas and Asia. Our sales policy is to supply exclusively to our partners in the specialist trade.

top brands

F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets

F. Arthur Uebel Klarinetten

The name F. Arthur Uebel has stood for the finest clarinet making since 1936. Whether for first steps on the musical stage or solo performances in the concert halls of the world – our clarinets are the perfect companions at any playing level.

In our factory, valuable traditions of clarinet making merge with ultra-modern manufacturing processes to create a harmonious symphony of artisanal perfection. This interplay produces clarinets whose unmistakable sound will delight audiences, students, fellow musicians – and yourself.
Discover our clarinets in the German and French fingering system, and let the ingeniously crafted instruments inspire you to master ever new musical challenges. Pleasant ergonomics, excellent intonation and the unmistakable beauty of sound are characteristic of each of our instruments – whether beginner clarinet or concert model.


Arnolds & Sons

Under the Arnolds & Sons brand, we sell high-quality instruments worldwide at favourable conditions. Especially the instruments of the Arnolds & Sons Terra line stand out due to their optimal price-performance ratio.


La Tromba®

La Tromba oils® and greases for valves, keys and slides of wind instruments guarantee you the security of an instrument that functions at all times. With the cleaning and care products, you not only give your instrument a perfect shine, but also preserve it for a long period of time.


Paul Mauriat

P. Mauriat saxophones represent the embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision. All saxophones are handmade to ensure consistent quality and feature a wonderful warm and full sound reminiscent of the famous vintage sound. "Go for the sound!"



The SANKYO flute workshop was founded by instrument makers who had only one wish: To produce instruments of the highest quality! It is the attention to detail that makes SANKYO flutes so unique. In the search for the perfect flute sound, Sankyo was the first manufacturer to hand-make flutes in silver and gold. The precision of even the invisible parts turns the instruments into works of art.



Famous manufacturer of mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures and accessories for clarinets and saxophones. Vandoren is represented in over 100 countries. They are constantly working on the further development of their products to satisfy the highest quality demands of musicians. With Vandoren, you can take your playing to an even higher level!



Concentrate on your music, your Soundline bag will take care of the transport of your instrument! The gig bags offer optimal protection for your instrument and optimal carrying comfort. Soft foam lining, robust outer shell, numerous storage compartments, smooth-running closures … All this in the highest quality of material and workmanship makes Soundline the first choice as a bag for your instrument.


Denis Wick

Denis Wick combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to offer one of the largest ranges of mutes, mouthpieces and accessories for brass instruments. The company works with leading brass players and is constantly developing new products to meet the needs of the modern musician. Denis Wick products can be found in orchestras and bands in every corner of the world.

"Performance by Design.


Josef Lídl

Brass instruments made by Josef Lídl workshop combine traditional craftsmanship with manufactory character and state-of-the-art technology. Our claim is to produce high-quality processed, easily responding and excellent sounding instruments.

The existing production range of trumpets, flugelhorns, French horns, double horns and tubas is being successively expanded.


Di Zhao

Di Zhao is an industry leader with an excellent selection for every musical taste. From high-quality beginner flutes to handmade concert flutes in all price ranges as well as alto, bass and contrabass flutes.



The instrument cases from the French manufacturer BAM combine contemporary, modern-urban design with innovative, ultra-light materials. BAM cases are available for violins, violas, cellos, wind instruments and guitars. More than product lines offer a variety of choices in design, shape, material and colour.


The Muramatsu Flute

The history of modern flute making in Japan began in 1923 with the very first flute made by the late pioneer Koichi Muramatsu, an eminent craftsman and founder of Muramatsu flutes. At that time, the number of amateur and professional flute players in Japan was only twenty. Muramatsu's devoted efforts and passion for flute making are still alive today in the basic philosophy of Muramatsu flutes.



RAT Stand was born in 1976 when one of the UK's leading opera houses commissioned the development of a brand new lighted music stand. Since then, over 1000 leading opera houses, theatres, concert halls and performing arts venues around the world have come to appreciate our music stands, conductor's desks, chairs, lights and stage equipment.


We Work With the Very Best

The brands of Arnold Stölzel GmbH at a glance

Aircell ‧ Aisyn ‧ Archet ‧ Rosin ‧ aS ‧ Arnolds & SonsAugustineB.E.R.P. ‧ Bremner ‧ BAM ‧ Bari ‧ Berg LarsenBest BrassBuffet CramponC. Robert HopfC. A. Seydel SöhneCebulla ‧ Chanu ‧ Christoph HeftrichClarke SweetoneClaude Lakey ‧ Cool Velvet ‧ Dampit ‧ Dean MarkleyDenis WickDi ZhaoDörflerErnst SchreiberF. Arthur Uebel ‧ Farley’s ‧ Fender ‧ Fibracell ‧ G7THGebr. MönnigGeipelGF ‧ Gibson ‧ Grime ‧ H. Segovia ‧ HagertyHammig FlutesHannabach ‧ Hebrosol ‧ Henri Selmer ParisHeriba ‧ Hill ‧ Horst WünscheHumes & Berg Jakob WinterJargarJazzlabJo-RalJosef KlierJürgen VoigtKönig & MeyerKooimanKühnl & Hoyer ‧ Kun ‧ La Tromba AGLenzerJosef Lídl ‧ Luthier ‧ MarigauxMartinMeister Walter Mahr ‧ Metarex ‧ Mighty BrightMuramatsu Flute ‧ MusiChem ‧ MusiClean ‧ Neotech ‧ Opti-Care ‧ OptimaOscar AdlerP. MauriatPerri’sPetz ‧ Pisoni ‧ Pomarico ‧ Pop’s ‧ Pro line ‧ R&D ‧ Ray Parkins ‧ RATstandsReka ‧ Remo ‧ Roché Thomas ‧ Romera ‧ Rovner ‧ Royal Oak ‧ Sandner ‧ Sankyo Flutes ‧ Savarez ‧ saXholder ‧ Schneider Gebrüder ‧ Schreiber ‧ Seiko ‧ Sharkfin ‧ Siena ‧ Slide-O-Mix ‧ Soundback ‧ Soundline ‧ Spacefiller ‧ Speed ‧ Sperber ‧ Spitballs ‧ sshhmuteSteuer ‧ Stratos ‧ Super slick ‧ Super Slide ‧ ThomastikTom Crown ‧ Transsonic ‧ Tromba ‧ Trombotine ‧ Twinkle ‧ Unipol ‧ VandorenVartaViolWittner ‧ Wolf ‧ Wicona ‧ Zappatini

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